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Stephanie Walton has been a leader in several Fortune 100 retail companies over the last 20 years. Her most recent role included leading an organization of over 100 managers and associates. Stephanie has created tools through her experiences that have helped her overcome homelessness in her youth, heal dysfunctional family relationships, advance in corporate America, and ultimately, pursue her own passion for helping others. She is an author, a coach, and leader, & she is here to help you live the life you truly want. 

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"You achieve your dreams by helping others achieve theirs."

In Succeeding with Passion, you'll learn easy steps to help you:

• Become curious about the possibilities for your life.

• Be self-aware of your strengths & weaknesses

• Eliminate judgmental thinking that blocks your path

• Turn your fear into courage

• Forgive others & yourself for mistakes

• Thrive in the face of failure

• Remove stress from your life

• Create a vision, build a strategy, & execute a plan

In her new book, Succeeding with Passion, 

Stephanie Walton shares how you can turn your failures into success & lead a promising, fulfilling life. 


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Stephanie held a special book signing event in California for her new book Succeeding with Passion. 

To see more pictures from this incredible day, click here. 

Succeeding with Passion was recently featured in an article

by author & blog critic Tyler Tichelaar, who wrote, 

"Her practical and solid advice will help you take the steps needed to get where you want to go in your life...I have no doubt her book can help you."

To read his article, click here


"Stephanie Walton knows life is full of obstacles- she's experienced everything from homelessness to setbacks in corporate America. And yet she has never stopped pursuing her passion. Now she shares how you can do the same - it's your destiny"

Patrick Snow / Publishing Coach and Best-Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny and Boy Entrepreneur

Contact Stephanie  |  Tel: 909.578.0200

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